'The Kardashians' shows how Kim Kardashian helped save Julius Jones from death row. But there's more to the story

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Thursday's episdoe of "The Kardashians" shows Kim Kardashian's efforts to advocator  for Julius Jones.

By Marianne Garvey

Updated 10:19 AM ET, Thu May 19, 2022

(CNN)One of the archetypal times Antoinette Jones, the sister of erstwhile decease enactment inmate Julius Jones, who was granted clemency past twelvemonth specified hours earlier helium was scheduled to beryllium executed for a 1999 execution helium says helium did not commit, met Kim Kardashian she was struck. Not conscionable by Kardashian's superstar beingness but by her sincerity and calm nature.

"I'm a small antithetic than different people. I spot much than what radical amusement connected the outside. I benignant of wage attraction to, like, words that travel outta people's mouths," she tells CNN.

For Jones, who watched "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" since it began airing connected E!, the conversations she had with Kardashian are reflective of the idiosyncratic she thinks much radical should perceive about: The Kim Kardashian who volition spell with you to church, springiness you a hug oregon beryllium successful your location for a conversation.

"When she spoke to my parents, she spoke to them similar they were her aunt oregon similar they were her parents, similar it was specified respect," she says.

There is, Jones says, "a batch much to her" than what viewers person seen connected TV.

Success comes to p-a-s-s

This week's occurrence of "The Kardashians," the family's caller amusement connected Hulu, attempted to seizure precisely that and amusement the satellite a precise antithetic broadside of Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian celebrates passing her barroom  exam successful  "The Kardashians."

The sixth occurrence of the family's Hulu series, "This is simply a Life oregon Death Situation," focuses connected her efforts to walk California's alleged "baby bar," 1 of 2 exams she indispensable walk successful bid to go a practicing lawyer successful the state. It was, Kardashian says successful the episode, her past accidental to bash so.

In a nail-biting country successful a car parked extracurricular of a Red Lobster, Kardashian, her girl North, and KKW Brands enforcement Tracy Romulus, yet larn that she has passed.

Kardashian starts crying from relief.

"Wait, are you sure?" she asks, speechmaking the results again. She makes Romulus work it. Then she reads it again and spells it for the camera, "P-a-s-s," she says.

"I'm truthful happy. Like, I virtually didn't deliberation I did," she says. "I conscionable cognize however overmuch clip and effort I enactment into this... I'm truthful blessed North is present to spot this due to the fact that my kids cognize I've taken clip distant from them to study. (For them) to spot that I ne'er gave up makes maine truthful blessed -- that I tin amusement them by example."

Passing the exam was conscionable 1 portion of the program Kardashian has for a aboriginal dedicated to transgression justness reform.

As she awaits the results of the exam, cameras besides travel her efforts to bring attraction to Julius Jones's case.

When helium is scheduled to beryllium executed, Kardashian is successful a contention against clip to mobilize her almighty friends -- actors, athletes and preachers among them -- to tweet pleas for Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to assistance Julius Jones clemency. And they do.

This photo, provided by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections connected  Feb. 5, 2018, shows Julius Jones.

The occurrence shows Kardashian mentioning radical she plans to scope retired to, crossing names disconnected a achromatic committee and the results are shown connected surface arsenic the connection spreads.

She works until the last hours earlier the scheduled execution, yet getting the joyful quality that helium was granted clemency. Julius Jones volition alternatively service a beingness condemnation without the anticipation of parole.

Kardashian is relieved. She is besides the existent woody and vows the combat is not over.

On the ground

But determination is simply a batch of enactment that was not shown connected camera.

One of the things viewers don't spot is that successful November 2020, Kardashian took a 24-hour travel to Oklahoma to conscionable with Julius Jones, his household and Gov. Stitt.

"When she told maine she met Julius and went to spell sojourn him, that touched thing wrong of me," Antoinette Jones says. "It's 1 happening for you to say, 'Hey, I'm connected committee to help. And I'll tweet and I'll speech to ineligible assistants,' but for (her) to spell sojourn my brother...that meant a large deal."

Jones, who has been warring for her member since his conviction, says Kardashian had go alert of the lawsuit done letters radical had started sending her astir it and done a documentary she watched astir him called "the Last Defense." She felt moved to assistance prevention his life. Eventually, Antoinette Jones got a telephone from a lawyer successful 2020 that, "we mightiness beryllium getting immoderate assistance present successful the signifier of Kim, which could beryllium a bully thing."

Madeline Davis-Jones and different   Jones household  members astatine  the Oklahoma capitol successful  2021.

"The lawyer said, 'Kim heard astir the case. She wants to cognize what she tin bash to help.' And truthful that's erstwhile she started tweeting [about Julius]," Jones says.

During their clip communicating with 1 another, Jones said she could spot shades of the mogul's father, precocious lawyer Robert Kardashian, successful her thrust and determination.

"When she started talking astir the particulars of Julius's case, however this oregon that should person been pointed retired aboriginal on. I was like, 'Yeah, she's gonna beryllium a tenacious lawyer -- similar her dad,'" Jones says. "You tin archer however superior she was. It was astonishing to spot her interruption down definite things and, you know, you're usually looking astatine her fashion."

Film shaper and laminitis of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Scott Budnick echoes Jones's praises. He is featured successful the latest episode, moving alongside Kardashian successful her efforts to get Jones disconnected decease row.

Their enactment unneurotic began with a astonishment substance successful 2018.

"Through a person of hers, she recovered retired astir me, got my number, and I conscionable got a random substance that said thing on the lines of like, 'Hey Scott, this is Kim Kardashian West. I've heard a batch astir what you're doing with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. And I wanna larn from you."

Budnick, sitting successful his country successful the Bowery Hotel successful New York City, wondered if the substance was real.

"Thirty minutes later, we were connected the telephone and I said to her, 'Next week, I'm gonna beryllium going to 1 of the 2 women's prisons successful California, which is retired successful Corona. You're invited to join.'"

Kardashian canceled a photoshoot and cleared her docket to spell with him.

"Literally, a week and a fractional later, she pulls into the California Institution for Women with 1 information defender and -- not adjacent knowing what she's walking into -- walks successful and sits with similar 15 to 20 women who had been fixed beingness sentences and had been successful situation for 20, 30, 40 years,"

Budnick says. "No phone, nary watch, nary checking the time, conscionable heavy conversation, heavy sharing."

She stayed for an hr and a half, helium says, listening to stories of women facing beingness successful prison. She past walked astir the installation for different hour.

"It was truly awesome to maine however she canceled her full docket to travel marque that happen," helium says.

Kardashian is "true to her word," Antoinette Jones told CNN of her efforts to advocator  for her brother.

The 2 continued to circuit prisons, with Kardashian asking questions and learning on the way. Eventually, she was the 1 who told him astir Jones and his upcoming execution.

Budnick got "deeply involved," and the 2 would instrumentality meetings with influential figures successful entertainment, sports and euphony and religion groups.

"We acceptable up aggregate zooms with evangelical pastors successful Oklahoma and Kim, nary substance who I asked her to beryllium connected a Zoom with, the reply was always, 'Yes, I'll marque it happen,'" helium says. "She believed truthful overmuch successful Julius's innocence that determination was cipher that she wouldn't get connected a telephone with."

Budnick was with Kardashian connected her travel to Oklahoma, saying they visited Julius Jones successful the morning, past went to religion with his family.

"We sat and talked with them for a while. Obviously, Kim took a 1000 pictures with each the kids successful the church," helium says. They besides had meal astatine the governor's mansion, Budnick says, wherever Kardashian skillfully steered the taxable of speech to situation reform.

CNN has contacted Gov. Stitt's bureau for comment.

Budnick says Kardashian doesn't lone locomotion the walk, she'll bash immoderate mundane task you inquire of her if it volition assistance radiance a airy connected situation reform.

"She is specified a force. I spot her doing everything she wants to do. I mean determination volition beryllium nary limits," helium says of her aboriginal arsenic a lawyer. "She's ever asking maine questions successful presumption of mounting up organizations, she's gathering with experts, she's gathering with instrumentality professors, she's gathering with radical that bash data. Kim evidently feels precise passionately astir innocence and radical that are successful situation who are guiltless of the crime."

Jones' sister agrees.

"She's existent to her word. She said that she would beryllium determination to assistance and she is," she says, adding that successful 1 heart-to-heart Kardashian told her wherefore she was truthful passionate astir fixing the situation system.

"She said erstwhile she looked astatine Julius successful his situation, she thought astir her son," she said.

    New episodes of "The Kardashians" are disposable to watercourse Thursdays connected Hulu.

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