Rebel Wilson is off the dating app and in a new relationship

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Rebel Wilson, photographed present  connected  Wednesday, stars successful  the caller   movie   "Senior Year."

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Rebel Wilson says she didn’t truly day successful her twenties arsenic she was focused connected making it successful Hollywood.

But the 42-year-old is “now happily successful a relationship.”

During an quality on the podcast “U Up?” Wilson talked astir the differences betwixt dating successful Australia and dating successful the US. The “Senior Year” prima said that successful 2019, she did a “year of love” and went retired with antithetic people.

For awhile, she said, she was connected the exclusive dating app Raya, which is utilized by galore successful Hollywood to conscionable position partners.

But she met her existent emotion via a person who acceptable them up.

“He’d known some of america for astatine slightest 5 years each, and was like, ‘Yeah, I deliberation you 2 would deed it off’ and past we did,” she said.

Wilson said determination was a comfortableness level successful gathering idiosyncratic done a communal friend.

“That escalates things quicker due to the fact that it’s from a trusted source,” she said. “So past you’re like, ‘Ok yea I tin spot this idiosyncratic that they are legit.’ They are who they accidental they are, which is thing connected the apps you don’t truly know.”

Wilson didn’t place who she is presently dating. Her caller movie, “Senior Year,” is retired Friday.

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