No, Geena Davis still won't tell you if Dottie meant to drop the ball. But she's loving life's curveballs

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By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN

Updated 12:45 PM ET, Fri June 24, 2022

(CNN)Geena Davis is not idiosyncratic to enactment soundless connected important matters.

In fact, she's built an probe empire of sorts done her Geena Davis Institute connected Gender and Media and founded a movie festival that some purpose to empower underrepresented voices successful Hollywood.

But connected this day, beaming successful via Zoom from Arkansas, Davis is mum, adjacent erstwhile implored to extremity a 30-year statement among "A League of Their Own" loyalists by answering an all-important queery: Did Dottie Hinson driblet the shot connected purpose?

"I emotion that radical inactive reason astir it 30 years later," she says, speaking of the climactic country that costs the Rockford Peaches their World Series triumph and leaves 1 fractional of a feuding sister duo defeated. "I had to determine for my quality what really happened. So I, astatine slightest from my perspective, I cognize what happened ... but I've decided I'm ne'er gonna archer anybody."

She loves the ending, too, she says, contested arsenic it mightiness beryllium successful immoderate circles.

"I've seen it a cardinal times," the Oscar winner says, laughing. "I'm not shy astir watching my movies."

Tom Hanks and Geena Davis successful  'A League of Their Own.'

This, she says, came from proposal she erstwhile received from Dustin Hoffman, who told her that erstwhile actors marque a movie, they get 1 accidental to get it close "and truthful you person to cognize that you did the champion you could then," she says.

"I've ever truly kept that doctrine and things don't fuss maine astatine all. Really," she says. "I bask watching them."

And arsenic for "A League of Their Own," "it truly holds up, you know?" she says.

Oh, we know.

Released connected July 1, 1992, the precocious Penny Marshall's "A League of Their Own" was a summertime hit, grossing implicit $132.4 cardinal and earning captious praise. It was expected to alteration everything, with immoderate predicting that the movie -- which included Tom Hanks and Madonna among its formed -- would springiness mode to a deluge of female-led sports films. That didn't happen.

But 3 decades later, it lives connected arsenic a captious and beloved portion of movie past successful a satellite wherever its prima is warring to spot the alteration successful Hollywood that had been predicted backmost past and past some.

Let's conscionable say, she's not dropping the ball.

'We person a batch of much work'

"A League of Their Own" is simply a movie that tin beryllium enjoyed by anyone, but it's besides a movie proudly claimed by women, who successful it recovered a uncommon accidental to spot themselves successful a sports movie and not playing the supportive spouse to an diversion antheral quality with a afloat realized existence.

Davis hears stories each the clip from women who accidental they play oregon played sports due to the fact that of "A League of Their Own." Davis recovered she had her ain untapped diversion abilities portion grooming for the film, too. (Those abilities astatine 1 constituent took her to Olympic trials successful archery.)

But it was soon earlier "A League of Their Own" that Davis truly started to larn however to play shot successful Hollywood.

In a 2019 interrogation with the Unladylike podcast, Davis pointed to her clip moving with Susan Sarandon connected "Thelma & Louise," calling it an eye-opening acquisition and acquisition successful directness.

Geena Davis (left) and Susan Sarandon measurement   up   their options successful  the 1991 movie  'Thelma And Louise.'

"I realized aboriginal that I had ne'er seen a pistillate behave similar that; I'd ne'er heard a pistillate inquire for things without starting with, 'I don't cognize what you think. This mightiness beryllium a atrocious idea...'" she said successful the episode.

Davis grew up successful a precise polite household. (In fact, she has a memoir called "Dying of Politeness" coming retired this fall.) Asking for things was not people successful her DNA.

Since starting her Institute successful 2004, however, she's recovered a mode to wed Sarandon sensibilities with her ain values to navigate the choppy waters of equality successful Hollywood.

"My maneuver of attack has been to get the probe and the data, and then, due to the fact that I tin spell straight to creators...I tin precise privately and collegially stock this accusation with each studio, each network, each accumulation company, and promote the alteration that way," she said. "So far, it seems to beryllium truly working."

It truly is.

One of the goals of the Institute astatine its inception was to person much pb pistillate characters successful kids movies and television. When they began their efforts, lone astir 11% of kids programming featured pistillate characters successful pb roles. Now, it's 50%.

"I mean, we person a batch of much enactment ... and, you know, different dimensions of underrepresentation, but we're excited astir that," she says.

Another win: Her Bentonville Film Festival is present successful its eighth year, taking spot again this play successful Arkansas. In past year's juried competition, according to the festival, 71% of the films showcased were directed by women, 75% by radical who were members of the BIPOC (an acronym for Black, Indigenous and People of Color) oregon API (Asian/Pacific Islander) communities, and 33% by radical successful the LGBTQIA+ community.

Geena Davis speaks during the Bentonville Film Festival connected  Thursday.

Davis said much and more, she's approached by radical who privation to speech astir the enactment she does with her Institute alternatively of her films.

"They truly person thoughts to stock and they truly attraction astir it. So that means a lot," she says.

"A League of Their Own," meanwhile, volition soon person 2nd beingness arsenic a forthcoming Amazon bid starring Abbi Jacobson, Chanté Adams and D'Arcy Carden, among others.

Though Davis is not acceptable to look successful the project, it has her blessing.

"I heard astir it possibly a mates of years agone and I'm precise excited astir it. I can't hold and I'm doing immoderate lawsuit with them soon, " she says. "I truly similar that it's astir wholly antithetic characters, too. It's a antithetic team. It's the aforesaid world, successful the aforesaid environment, but a full antithetic acceptable of people."

Davis declared to her parents erstwhile she was a toddler that she was going to beryllium successful movies erstwhile she got older, but this chapter, arsenic some an histrion and bonafide satellite changer? She admits she ne'er saw it coming.

"I ne'er could person predicted that I'd person this full different facet to my life," she says, emphasizing that acting is inactive her time job. "It came astir due to the fact that I had kids ... but my roles person impacted my beingness successful specified beardown ways. You know, I became an jock due to the fact that of 'A League of Their Own.' And, uh, I became funny successful women's equality due to the fact that of 'Thelma & Louise.' So my beingness is truly shifted gears, depending what relation I've played. It's benignant of been fascinating."

    Good happening Davis knows however to grip a curveball oregon two.

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