'Loot' gives the gift of comedy with Maya Rudolph as a divorce-minted billionaire

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Joel Kim Booster, Maya Rudolph and Ron Funches successful  'Loot.'

(CNN)"Loot" sounds similar a one-note gag connected insubstantial -- ha ha, an Apple TV+ drama loosely inspired by the Bezos' household play -- that doesn't summation overmuch extent during the archetypal episode. Stick with it, though, and this showcase for Maya Rudolph arsenic a billionaire minted done divorcement becomes a saccharine if reasonably accepted romanticist drama with a fewer invited surprises.

After an instauration by mode of the couple's mega-yacht, Rudolph's Molly Novak is rudely awakened from her enviable beingness erstwhile she discovers the infidelity of her hubby (Adam Scott). Faster than you tin accidental "Mackenzie Scott" (the erstwhile Mrs. Bezos, and a large philanthropist), she's connected her own, with $87 cardinal (ballpark) to console her.

After a bid of booze-soaked romps, Molly hears from Sofia Salinas ("Pose's" Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), who runs a charitable instauration that Molly hadn't adjacent realized she's inherited. Looking for thing to bash with her wealth and time, she takes an involvement successful the place, turning its somewhat eclectic unit into a benignant of extended family.

    At first, that feels similar the premise for a workplace sitcom, with a full batch of "She's truthful rich" jokes, tone-deaf comments astir women's shelters and idiosyncratic suggesting she acquisition 1 of the Hemsworth brothers, portion Molly receives changeless reassurance from her doting adjunct ("Fire Island's" Joel Kim Booster).

      Yet a fewer episodes in, the amusement really reveals immoderate much involving wrinkles. For starters, Molly begins to bask immoderate semi-normal moments with the group's shy and recently azygous accountant (Nat Faxon), close earlier encountering a dashing billionaire ("Unfaithful's" Olivier Martinez) who seems plucked from the pages of a perfume ad.

        Created by Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard (who antecedently worked with Rudolph connected the 2018 drama "Forever"), "Loot" conjures a beauteous regular proviso of amusing situations, specified arsenic Molly not realizing that she owns a taxable parkland successful the Philippines until thing goes incorrect there, prompting her to behaviour an inventory of her assets, from the silly to the sublime.

        The amusement adjacent veers into the semi-serious, astatine slightest successful presumption of a strategy that allows a fewer radical to amass these benignant of fortunes, and what level of foundation is due for those who do. Rudolph proves arsenic adept playing astatine some speeds, but the much over-the-top flourishes that hew toward her "SNL" inheritance mostly airy adjacent to the softer elements.

            "Loot" doesn't execute overmuch closure astatine the extremity of its 10-episode debut run, suggesting the amusement has a just magnitude of beingness near successful it. If it's not a blockbuster, Rudolph and the formed guarantee that it's rather bully company, mounting up a bid possessing each the possibilities associated with a protagonist who has time, and money, to burn.

            "Loot" premieres June 24 connected Apple TV+. Disclosure: My woman works for a portion of Apple.

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