Lisa Marie Presley says she was 'destroyed' by the death of her son

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(CNN)Lisa Marie Presley is sharing her acquisition with grief.

In a caller essay for "National Grief Awareness Day" connected Tuesday, Presley opens up astir the nonaccomplishment of her son, Benjamin Keough, 27, who died by termination successful 2020.

"My and my 3 daughters' lives arsenic we knew it were wholly detonated and destroyed by his death. We unrecorded successful this every. Single. Day," she writes. "Grief is thing you volition person to transportation with you for the remainder of your life, successful spite of what definite radical oregon our civilization wants america to believe. You bash not 'get implicit it,' you bash not 'move on,' period."

    Presley describes grief arsenic "incredibly lonely," penning that lone "a handful" of radical typically enactment successful interaction to connection ongoing enactment to a person oregon household subordinate who has experienced a hard loss.

      "Unfortunately, that is simply a acold hard information for most. So, if you cognize idiosyncratic who mislaid a loved one, careless of however agelong it's been, delight telephone them to spot however they are doing. Go sojourn them. They volition truly really admit it, much than you know," she writes.

        Presley says she has recovered comfortableness successful the institution of radical who person faced akin tragedy.

        "Support groups that person your circumstantial benignant of nonaccomplishment successful common. I spell to them, and I clasp them for different bereaved parents astatine my home," Presley writes. "Nothing, perfectly NOTHING takes distant the pain, but uncovering enactment tin sometimes assistance you consciousness a small spot little alone."

            Presley says her daughters support her going.

            "I support going for my girls," Presley writes. "I support going due to the fact that my lad made it precise wide successful his last moments that taking attraction of his small sisters and looking retired for them were connected the forefront of his concerns and his mind. He perfectly adored them and they him."

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