Kevin Dillon goes from 'Entourage' to action star alongside Bruce Willis

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(CNN)Actor Kevin Dillon has taken a detour from Johnny Drama, his comedic hanger-on "Entourage" character.

He's presently starring with Bruce Willis successful an upcoming enactment movie, "Wire Room."

"It was my 2nd clip moving with Bruce," Dillon told CNN successful a caller interview. "The archetypal clip astir I didn't person immoderate scenes with him, which was a bummer. It was large to beryllium successful a movie with him, but this clip around, I had a clump of scenes with him. I've ever been a gigantic Bruce Willis instrumentality and to enactment with him is conscionable a truly large thing."

    Dillon said the accidental to enactment with Willis again made "Wire Room" an casual yes.

      "I chose it due to the fact that the publication is truly bully and due to the fact that Bruce was doing it," helium said, adding, "I'm a immense fan, truthful that was a large positive for me, but it's besides gotta beryllium connected the leafage and it was connected the page. I thought the script, it moved on truly nicely."

        Bruce Willis successful  "Wire Room."

        The movie was changeable past December, astir 3 months earlier Willis's household announced he would beryllium stepping distant from acting owed to his aphasia diagnosis, which tin interaction cognitive abilities.

        Dillon said the accumulation moved quickly, similar the gait of the film's adventure.

          "It was a seven-day shoot. I worked 5 of those 7 days, truthful I didn't person a batch of time," helium said. "I emotion the mode it came out. I deliberation it turned retired really, truly fun."

          In the movie, Dillon plays a national cause who is regulated to a table occupation successful a surveillance halfway known arsenic the "wire room." Willis plays a Homeland Security cause who runs the room. The movie besides stars Oliver Trevena, Cameron Douglas, and Shelby Cobb. Matt Eskandari directs.

          Since appearing successful the drama bid "Entourage," which aired from 2004 until 2011, Dillon said he's been offered respective "Johnny Drama type" roles, the affable, loyal older member helium played connected the show.

          Kevin Dillon successful  "Wire Room."

          "I emotion to bash comedy. I emotion to bash drama, action, similar successful this case. A batch of times lately it's been drama, truthful it's bully to bash thing a small different. But I'll take, 'em all. I emotion them all," helium said.

          As for his "Entourage" pals, Dillon keeps successful interaction with the formed arsenic good arsenic amusement creator Doug Ellin. Dillon and Ellin besides big a play drama podcast, "Victory the Podcast," wherever they speech bespeak connected episodes of the deed HBO show. (CNN and HBO are some portion of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

          "Doug and I bash the podcast. I'm choky with Jerry Ferarra and Kevin Connelly and each the guys," helium said. "I emotion these guys."

          Next up for Dillon is simply a bid he's expected to commencement shooting soon successful Majorca.

          "We'll spot if that happens, but that's connected the burner," helium said.

          For present he's conscionable going to "enjoy what's near of the summer."

            "I cognize it's benignant of over, but I'm gonna spell backmost to New York, spot the family, play immoderate play and conscionable bask myself."

            "Wire Room is successful theaters and connected request connected Sept. 2.

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