Harry Styles thanks fans for reuniting him with lost ring

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(CNN)Plenty of Harry Styles fans privation they could enactment a ringing connected his digit and immoderate got their wish, benignant of.

Styles connected Wednesday thanked fans for reuniting him with a beloved accessory that went missing during his 2nd play of headlining Coachella past month.

Styles mislaid his Gucci ring, valued astatine $350, erstwhile it fell disconnected his digit during his show connected April 22 and landed successful the crowd.

    A radical of attendees claimed to person recovered the accessory, described arsenic "a lion caput plan successful metallic with an aged golden finish," according to the Gucci website, and enlisted the assistance of chap fans to get it backmost to Styles.

      A Twitter relationship by the sanction of @heresharrysring was created to bash conscionable that.

        The relationship posted photos of fans reaching retired to Harry himself, Styles' set members and adjacent his mother.

        On May 15, the relationship claimed the ringing was backmost successful the possession of the "As it Was" singer.

          Styles confirmed the quality himself connected Wednesday evening.

            In a station to his Instagram stories, Styles shared a photograph of the ringing with a caption of "IT HATH RETURNED. THANK YOU."

            The ringing returns to Styles conscionable up of the merchandise of his 3rd workplace medium "Harry's House" that comes retired connected Friday.

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