Ana de Armas thinks 'Blonde's' NC-17 rating is a bit much

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(CNN)Actress Ana de Armas doesn't hold with the movie standing fixed to her upcoming movie "Blonde," a fictionalized look astatine the beingness of Marilyn Monroe.

"Blonde" received an NC-17 standing from the Motion Picture Association earlier this twelvemonth owed to "some intersexual content," according to the organization's website. This means that the movie is recommended for adults lone and nary 1 nether the property of 17 should beryllium admitted to the theater.

De Armas, however, thinks the standing is unwarranted.

    "I didn't recognize wherefore that happened," she told L'Officiel successful a screen story. "I tin archer you a fig of shows oregon movies that are mode much explicit with a batch much intersexual contented than 'Blonde.' But to archer this communicative it is important to amusement each these moments successful Marilyn's beingness that made her extremity up the mode that she did. It needed to beryllium explained. Everyone [in the cast] knew we had to spell to uncomfortable places. I wasn't the lone one."

      "Blonde" is an adaptation of a Joyce Carol Oates caller from manager Andrew Dominik.

        In an interrogation with ScreenDaily backmost successful February, Dominik characterized the movie arsenic "a demanding movie."

        "If the assemblage doesn't similar it, that's the f---ing audience's problem," helium said. "It's not moving for nationalist office."

            He added: "It's an NC-17 movie astir Marilyn Monroe, it's benignant of what you want, right? I privation to spell and spot the NC-17 mentation of the Marilyn Monroe story."

            The movie is disposable for streaming connected Netflix connected September 23.

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