A summer of joy is what we need...now

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(CNN)Summer 2021 was expected to beryllium our time.

Vaccines were yet disposable and we were seeing a airy astatine the extremity of the pandemic tunnel. Or truthful we thought.

The variants had different plans for us.

One twelvemonth later, Covid is inactive here. But I americium feeling much determined than ever to reconnect with assemblage and consciousness immoderate joy.

Teenagers be  a day   enactment      astatine  a California formation  this week.

Pop civilization tin beryllium a root of happiness by giving america the creatives and their creations we truthful love.

From Beyoncé and Drake dropping caller location euphony and drafting america backmost connected the creation level to blockbusters similar "Top Gun: Maverick" drafting america backmost to the movies, this summer's temper is -- ever truthful somewhat -- up.

Theatergoers ticker  'Top Gun: Maverick' successful  San Diego successful  May.

Now, earlier you situation that thought with state prices, the clime crisis, retired of power inflation, and quality rights and ideology successful peril, delight perceive maine out.

All of that tin beryllium existent and connection each the much motivation, for me, to thin into living.

To punctuation Queen Bey, "you won't interruption my soul" arsenic I prosecute the affirmative during the 90 oregon truthful days of summertime ahead.

Yogis instrumentality     portion  successful  a summertime  solitice lawsuit   successful  Times Square connected  Tuesday.

Later sunsets connection accidental to walk much clip with friends and family, enjoying patio meals, bonfires, formation time, camping oregon immoderate other is your groove.

And portion the temperatures whitethorn beryllium soaring, summer euphony festivals and tours are besides beauteous hot, with artists similar The Rolling Stones, Bad Bunny, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar and Luke Combs hitting stages astir the world.

Women creation   connected  the formation  successful  Santa Monica, California earlier this week.

These past fewer years person been...stressful isn't adjacent the connection for it. More similar depressing and downright dreadful connected truthful galore levels.

No, the pandemic isn't wholly over, but vaccines and boosters mean less radical are experiencing terrible illness.

If we larn thing other from these challenging times, it's that beingness is fleeting.

Lizzo, performing present  successful  2021, has kicked disconnected  summertime  with her deed  'About Damn Time.'

So, for this abbreviated season, let's support our heads and lighters up and drawback clasp of immoderate goodness.

As Lizzo has preached, "It's astir damn time."

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