A movie theater will not fast-forward a same-sex kiss in 'Lightyear' after all

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(CNN)A movie theatre successful Oklahoma has removed a informing motion it initially posted astir a same-sex buss successful the caller Disney/Pixar movie "Lightyear."

The announcement extracurricular of the 89er Theater successful Kingfisher cautioned parents astir a country that depicts 2 pistillate characters sharing a little kiss, according to CNN affiliate KTUL.

"The absorption of this theatre discovered aft booking 'Lightyear' that determination is simply a same-sex kissing country wrong the archetypal 30 minutes of the Pixar movie," the motion read. "We volition bash each we tin to accelerated guardant done that scene, but it mightiness not beryllium exact."

    Barry Reid, 1 of the owners of the theater, told CNN that the motion had been removed and that the country had not been censored successful immoderate showings.

      "It was an interior mistake and it's been corrected," helium said. "It won't hap again."

        "Lightyear," a spinoff of the beloved "Toy Story" franchise, tells the root communicative of the legendary abstraction ranger Buzz Lightyear, who inspired the artifact successful the archetypal films. That the movie features a same-sex buss is notable for Disney, which has long shied distant from portraying explicitly LGBTQ+ characters. In fact, the buss was met with pushback wrong the workplace and had initially been chopped from the film, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It was restored arsenic the institution came nether occurrence for its lukewarm response to Florida's alleged "Don't Say Gay" bill -- which bans definite acquisition astir intersexual predisposition and sex individuality successful the schoolroom and has inspired akin bills successful different states.

        Disney has ever  had a analyzable   past  with the LGTBQ+ community. It's deed  a boiling point

        Several countries, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, person banned "Lightyear" from theaters implicit its inclusion of the same-sex kiss. CNN has reached retired to Disney for comment.

            GLAAD, an enactment that advocates for nuanced LGBTQ+ practice successful media, has called attempts to censor the country unacceptable.

            "Lightyear is simply a large summation to the caller advancement seen successful kids and household films, TV series, and books that correspond each families, including families with LGBTQ parents," GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said successful a statement. "Alisha is an inspiring and heroic quality who is simply a bully person to Buzz, a brave Space Ranger, a loving wife, and a large ma and grandmother. Kids with 2 moms volition spot a household similar theirs successful this film. We're blessed to spot Disney lasting firmly down their LGBTQ storytelling."

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